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     So, here are the pics ! I guess you're here to see beautiful pictures... I think you won't be disappointed ! Just click on the thumbnails below to access to the specific galleries... The titles of the galleries are in french, but I don't think you'll have problems with that... Have a good time !

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 Papier pas glacé    A la Une  ( 8 Pics )

   Some pics taken from miscellaneous magazines. US magazines, of course... Hard to find them in France !

Les blondes comptent pas pour des.. euh...  

( 6 Pics )  Blondinette  

      Sherilyn with blond hair... She's really cute, but I prefer her with dark hair !  ;)


Black is black  Black and White  ( 26 Pics )

  Even without colors, Sherilyn's pics are gorgeous !

Plein de portraits, les gars ! 

( 47 Pics )   Portraits  

A lot of portraits... Only one model, the best !

L'Eleve surpasse le Maitre  Liz  ( 13 Pics )

   Some pics taken from the TV movie " Liz, The Elizabeth Taylor Story "

Au lit, les gosses ! 

( 5 Pics )  Tenue d'Eve 

Err... If you're too young, just go to bed ! That's not for you !

Best of the best  Ma Préférence  ( 20 Pics )

  My favourite pics... My own Best-Of !


( 1 Pic )  Désillusion 

The first time I saw this pic, my heart has been broken.Too late for me !

Sherilyn 142b.GIF (3522 octets)  Tout Nouveau... ( 23 Pics )

   These are News ! You'll see here old and really new pics. If you have some pics I don't have, please send them to me ! Thanks !

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Here are some links to pretty cool sites !