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  Here is a little biography of Sherilyn that I've discovered on the net. Soon, i'll add some news about Rude Awakening. We can't see this show in France, you americans are lucky guys !
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Date of Birth : February 1st, 1965               Height : 5' 3.5"                                   Location : Detroit, MI                         Siblings : Two brothers, Leo (4 yrs. older) and David (2 yrs. older)
Spouse : 'Toulouse Holliday' (QV) (? - ?)
Son with Holliday : Myles (Born in October  of 1993).




  A captivating blue-eyed beauty (she says "murky blue" eyes) born in Detroit, Michigan, Sherilyn Fenn had an unconventional childhood. She and her two older siblings and a young half-sister and half-brother spent their growing-up years moving from place to place with their mother, Arlene, who played keyboards for various rock bands. Sherilyn got used to changing schools and sets of friends. She recalls that "it was a little unsettling always being the 'new girl,' but I developed an instinct for knowing who my friends wouldbe immediately."

  At 17, Fenn and her mother moved to Beverly Hills. The teenager decided to pursue an acting career and studied for a year with various teachers. After a brief stint as a Playboy bunny at the Century City (L.A.) Playboy Club, Ms. Fenn appeared in a number of small features, including "Out of Control," "The Wraith," opposite Charlie Sheen, and "Prep School," with Virginia Madsen. She played supporting roles in the television movies "Silence of the Heart" (aka "Death of a Sibling"), " "Divided We Stand," "Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story," and most recently in "A Season in Purgatory," a miniseries story of money, murder, sex, and power. She also guest starred on "21 Jump Street."

  Fenn is perhaps best known for her portrayal of Audrey Horne on "Twin Peaks", or in her starring role in the film, "Two Moon Junction," in which she gave a provocative performance as a vulnerable debutante who is corrupted by her passion for an unlikely man.

  Sherilyn was also in several other feature films: "Back Street Strays," in which she co-stared with Brooke Shields; the David Lynch release, "Wild at Heart," in which her character is discovered in the aftermath of a horrifying car accident in the middle of nowhere; a comedy called "Fatal Instinct;" a romatic comedy with Kelly Lynch and Billy Baldwin called "Three of Hearts;" and a Jennifer Lynch production, "Boxing Helena." and most recently starred in Showtime's "Slave of Dreams" where she plays Potiphar's wife.

  She also stared in the February 14th episode of Tales from the Crypt entitiled "You, Murderer." It was the HBO fifth season finale and stared Sherilyn, John Lithgow, Isabella Rossellini and Humphrey Bogart, who, through the use of extensive computer imagery, was able to appear and interact with the other characters.

  At the end of 1996, Fenn was voted the 32nd "Sexiest Figure in Science Fiction" by Femme Fatales Magazine.

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