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    Err, maybe you won't find it very exciting, but you don't need to read it, after all. So, this is a short description of myself. If my english gives you a headache, I don't want you to be sick, so just go away from this page !

  My name is Cedric, I'm french and I was born in 1975 in a small town, in the south of the France. My job is... err, I don't think you need to know that.

  I love to go to the cinema and read a lot of books. Fantastic et horror movies are my favorites one.

  I've discovered Sherilyn Fenn in the TV show Twin Peaks. Her talent, beauty and incredible charm illuminated the show, and i felt in love ! ;)

  It's time to stop my speech... I just hope you won't find my site too bad... Sherilyn isn't really a star in France yet, but she'll be soon !

  Thanks to all the people who gave me pics and news. If you want to send me some stuff, just write me a message, I'll be very happy...

                                  Ced, Webmaster





Doux rève...

Yes, I'm a lucky man !

Please don't be jealous ! ( Err... It's only a fake pic ... too bad )

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